Heroes of Newerth 64-bit

Hi! I am trying to play Heroes of Newerth, but experience regular crashes due to insufficient memory. With high quality textures and sound the game crashes instantly and is playable only with either textures or sound set to low quality. The program occupies about 1 GB of memory and I have 2 GB in total with virtual memory disabled. Apparently the game crashes when it needs more than 1 GB.

My system is 64-bit OpenSUSE 11.2.

The problem above happens only with 64-bit client.

How can I increase the amount of memory available to the program?

I don’t have HoN, but if game takes more than 1GB of memory, i think it’s a bug.

For example, World of Warcraft on wine takes less than 300MB.

the game was designed to work natively under linux and it does. From what i understood on different distros it works well but i’m used to suse and i wouldn’t want to change it :(. Isn’t there any chance i can get that game to work as intended ?

I am playing Heroes of Newerth in 64bits Opensuse, without any problem.

I solved the problem by adjusting limits through sysconfig editor.