Hercules mainframe emulator ?

Where can I find a .rpm for the Hercules mainframe emulator ?

I had found one for my 32 bit version of openSUSE months ago - but upgraded to 64 bit and cannot find my notes.

I think it was a Fedora ftp site.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Are these Hercules 3.06 ? How can I tell ? Also - are they for 64 bit ?

The first link there is to oss which is repo you will already have, it’s part of the base OS.
Just open Software Management and search for hercules
_64 is there

oops I didn’t check the version. Hang on

Also - if 64 bit… please…

Version listed is: 20080407-1.49

Other than that you would probably need to get the source from it’s website and build it yourself.

That version is very very old.

I thought about getting the source, but it would just be another challenge that I’d like to avoid if possible.

I’ll wait a bit to see if anyone can help.

Thanks again…

Found what I was looking for on their website. It wasn’t there last time I looked… so anyway, good to go.

Good luck!