Helpful repo for EeePC users.

I was having problems with fan_control and it annoyed me that my Fn+2-9 keys didn’t work out-of-the-box with openSUSE like they did with another distro.

Then I found this user’s repo: SuSEee.

Just do a search for SuSEee and you’ll find the repo, which has packages for 10.3, 11.0 AND 11.1 and includes a fan control rpm, events rpm, and can automatically enable ALL of your Fn+2-9 keys with no fuss.

Thanks, SuSEee!!

Have a lot of fun!!

+Pax Domini+

Thank you father_marc! The fan on my EEE 701 under OpenSuse 11.1 was driving me mad!
I am not a religious person, but bless you!!
Cheers! :slight_smile: