So here is my issue
I installed openSUSE on my gaming machine which i thought would work. but it since has crashed windows twice… So once i got windows stable i just partitioned the hard drive that had openSUSE on it… but now whenever the computer boots up it still looks for grub which was an issue
here was my setup
i had windows 7 on a ssd
i had openSUSE on a seperate harddrive

now i reinstalled windows onto the SSD but in the boot menu of the bios i have to select my other harddrive to go into windows. If i select the SSD it tries to load grub…
PLS help!

On another side note
In the boot menu in the bios of the mother board openSUSE still appears… Is there anyway to get rid of it?
any help will be much appreciated


MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record - Windows 7 Forums

There is no connection between Windows and a Linux OS unless you do something. Windows is quite capable of messing itself up

But to your problem. I suppose that you installed grub on the SSD thus simply removing the Linux partition still leaves the MBR looking for the Linux boot. I’d do a repair of the MBR from Windows Install disk. Also be sure that the boot flag is on the right partition for Windows booting. This will replace the Grub MBR code with the Windows generic MBR code wich will boot the flagged partition.

Unfortunately i deleted the partition of Windows on the SSD… so now GRUB is still on the SSD and i have no way to get rid of it i will follow the steps above and hopefully it works

Just installing Windows to the SSD should fix things since that will overwrite the MBR

as i said earlier i already removed Windows from the SSD… but now bc GRUB is still on the SSD i cannot install Windows on it… any ideas?

Confused… Where is Windows now? Do you have a Windows install or restore disk?
If you installed Windows to the other drive just change the boot order in the BIOS it does not matter what is on the MBR on a data drive.

Is that a UEFI BIOS? Do you see a boot device named “openSUSE 12.1” ?

Tell us first if it’s a UEFI BIOS …

It depends. If you install Windows 7 in UEFI mode and it finds a MBR on a hard disk - that could have been previously created by a non GPT aware setup - Windows 7 will refuse to install unless you delete all the partitions (or blank the MBR first with dd from a Linux live system - another possibility).