Help with wireless card

Hi all

I want to purchase a wireless card for my desktop which would be recognized by opensuse 11.0(the kernel seems wont update anymore; yet fedora10 often update its kernel and put a new entry to the grub).
my desktop is cornered under a glass desk so I want to choose a usb wireless stick. but all suck usb wireless cards are said for windows vista, though not expensive. Would you recommend one that would work in opensuse 11.0 to me?
Thanks a lot.

Have a look here:

HCL/Network Adapters (Wireless) - openSUSE

D-link DWA-110 seems to work out of the box and doesnot require any drivers. is it this product : D-LINK WIRELESS G USB ADAPTER: Electronics
btw, after I connect the usb stick to my desktop, I should find its device id by: lsusb
then do I need to add it manually in Yast?