Help with Wiki edition

Hi guys! I’m doing a zypper update dist-upgrade in a PT_BR wiki. It is very badly written and outdated.

How I change the names and entrances in the “navigation bar”?

This think:!fEZhxQ4I!y10Thi6_fGCfKcOh6GJ43XZFq8YM6fCW7jpQBoM1YNo


Is that link supposed to point to something? I get some kind of download link, not clearly in a wiki format.

If a wiki, you need to determine what the website framework is, the most common and popular is mediawiki, which is easily recognized by looking similar to wikipedia.

Note that a distribution upgrade (dup) is going to only upgrade the system, other parts of your system like any application may or may be upgraded, YMMV. And, if you’re looking to modify a website object, that’s in no way directly related to your system.