Help with VNC error

Hi all,

Can someone help me with this problem when ever i connect via VNC a popup comes on:

Authentication Required

Authentication is required to create a colour managed device



I have tried the root password and the user password but nothing works it says ‘Sorry, that didn’t work. Please try again’

Any help appreciated

Whenever you post,
You always need to describe your system.

So, for instance if you’re still running openSUSE 12.1, this was a bug reported and fixed long ago

In that case, all you need to do is update your system, one way is to run the following

zypper up

Some related bugs seem to raise the possibility the bug could arise again because the resolution requires a somewhat complex policy fix.
Regardless of your openSUSE version, you should first update your system using the same command above. If you’re still having a problem, then you will have to describe your system better.


Hi tsu2

Forgot to put in my version i am running 13.1 with all updates. Maybe this bug isn’t fixed. Will try the link see if it helps.