help with vista booting up

this is the second time I have written this (because my power went out)and it is 2:20 am so bear with me but I installed opensuse on a external harddrive and found out I couldn’t access vista. I looked around and mess with the GRUB and I got to the Windows Boot Manager screen. It shows a choice between vista and “opensuse 11.0 installer (LOCAL)” and I when to vista well it led me to a “Linuxrc v3.1.34 (Kernel” screen that asks me for “cd number 1”. So I loaded up my vista boot cd and went into the command propt and repaired the mbr and I still end up with that linuxrc screen. So how do I get into vista? I would appreciate all help because I need to access some files and I have been working on this all day with no luck and I am very frustated. So pleassssssssse help.

so no one knows anything about what is happening or how to get rid of that stupid lunixrc thing?

I don’t have/want Vista,but, have you read this Fixing vista multiboot with openSUSE - openSUSE Forums also, the search brings up this lot,any use ? openSUSE Forums - Search Results