Help with uninstall

I’ve tried to uninstall opensuse 11 for the last few days but have not been having very much luck. I have the grub MBR and I can’t simply delete the partition. How exactly do I go about this uninstall (I’ve played for literally 10hrs trying to get the internet to work w/ zero success).


Are you dual booting or not ?
Are you trying to install a other OS in opensuse place ?
Get rid opensuse is not a problem but if are dual booting and Grub is gone than the other OS want boot too.
If you’re dual booting with Win XP than you can get windows xp booting again using the CD of WIN XP and in rescue mode the command FixMbr

Yes I am dual booting. I have vista x64 ultimate. It uses the grub (i think) to choose which OS i want to boot into. I need to revert it back to windows MBR and then just delete the partitions correct? How do I go about switching them?


You can delete the partitions in Vista

then you need to boot from your Vista disk to restore the windows boot fixmbr

I have attempted to do this already. But When I load my vista disk and go to restore and command prompt and type bootrec.exe /FixMbr . It says completed successfully but it still says that it is unable to boot into windows. Is there another way?

See if this will help

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