Help with themes

I’ve been browsing a few themes and am a little confused how they are installed and packaged. I expected a theme to be a complete package of icons, colour scheme, window decoration (the style of the scroll bars, min / max buttons, etc) and panel styling.

The themes I have experimented don’t seem to cover all those and just theme part of the DE. E.G, the Oxygen theme only changed the colour of the panel and changed icons. My window decorations remained the same.

Do I need to find and download separate themes for the window decorations?

I tried a few few themes off the kde-look site but had a similar experience.

I tend to just stick with those supplied and in the community kde4 repo

I just looked and only found a few in the community repo and half were for KDE3.

I’ve seen themes that have the window ,inimise and maximise buttons looking alike Vista but haven’t been able to find the theme (is it just the window decoration that is Vista like or is it a who;e theme? Not that I want a Vista look-a-like but just trying to understand how the whole thing works.
It seems there are a lot more themes for Gnome. Is it easier to theme?

I’ve seen some real nice themes out there but haven’t a clue how to get them or install them. Found a whole bunch of emerald themes but it looks complicated to install as a lot seem to require compiling.

Not the right repo then
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Community/openSUSE_11.1_KDE_42

Do you have that one?

Ah, you’re right. I didn’t have that repo. Will check those out.