Help with Root Actions Servicemenu

So first of all, I’ll say that I really tried to do it myself - I only ask for help when I really can’t do something alone.

Look here:

Root Actions Servicemenu

I wanted to edit it so, that there is no “Actions” submenu, but only “root actions” instead. (I’ve no idea how to do that)

[Except “open Yakuake here” in normal user mode, which I’d really like to see]

Secondly, I wanted to change it so that when a file is opened as a root in text mode, it uses Kwrite, not Kate (quite easy, I did it myself)

Then I wanted to use open Yakuake here, and not open Terminal here (in root mode). I tried changing “konsole” to “yakuake” in “10-rootactionsfolders.desktop”

but when I click it later, nothing happens.

I wanted to make it work in such a way that it would open a new yakuake tab with the folder, and it’s propably complicated and I’ve no idea how it works.

I thought that maybe someone from you might share their knowledge and either attach the modified files, or (because it might be too much to ask) tell me how to do it. (so, no normal user actions except open yakuake here, and changed open root konsole here to open root yakuake here)

If such a person agrees, I could even post it on I think it would be quite popular, because the normal user actions of Root Actions Servicemenu involve some not-really-useful actions (for most users, of course) like encrypting, and nowadays more and more people are migrating from konsole to yakuake (because, obviously, it is much more convenient)

Thanks in advance!