Help with Remote Admin with rdp

I’m trying to find some docs on Remote Admin (RDP).

It works on Leap, but not on Tumbleweed.

  • I’m trying to figure out why it is failing in Tumbleweed, but no luck.
  • On Leap, I use Mate-Desktop, and wanted to set up the RDP access with Mate as well; it defaults to XFCE4.

However, I can’t find any documentation. (Don’t laugh, my wife says I can’t find anything…)

Seriously, any help would be appreciated.


You’ll have to post all relevant detail, eg

Server application (on which OS, and possibly the software version)
Client application (on which OS and possibly the software version)

What works (in detail.
What doesn’t seem to work, detail the differences.

Have you set up a “laboratory” for example two machines in your LAN before trying to deploy over a WaN?


I use tumbleweed and krdc or reminna, but neither wants to work to connect to my windows PC.
Now it is possible a bug in freerdp, found this via google:
Do not know for sure, of course, wonder if there are problems with it?


Yes, the current freerdp doesn’t work with the latest Windows 10 updates:

No idea whether the OP has the same problems though, the post is much too vague and needs clarification, as tsu2 already pointed out.

PS: the latest Tumbleweed snapshot has an update for freerdp which fixes this, an update for Leap 42.3 is on the way…