help with recover the system

I have SCSI installed in my suse 9. But it occurs and erro while booting up

warning…fsck.reiserfs for device …

SCSI error: <2000> return code=0x1

reiserFS: sda2: warning: sh-2006: read_super_block
:bread failed (devsda3 block 16, size 512)

kernel panic - not syncing: attempted to kill init

I try to boot the system with the resuce disk but it fails to find the hard drive so I cannot use e2fsck to fix the image. How to fix it?

Well you should be using reiserfsck, not e2fsck, as it’s not an ext2/3 filesystem. But before that, have you tried manually loading the required SCSI module after booting up the rescue system so that the kernel can detect the disk?

I had a bad time too with ReiserFS, back when I was under Suse 9.3… (See: SuSE: Re: [SLE] 9.3: Keyboard keymaps and xorg )

Try to boot the DVD in rescue mode, then type:

reiserfsck --rebuild-tree --logfile rebuild.log] <corrupted partition>

What’s in under ] is optional, but will later give you info on what was done. (Don’t type the ] !)
Replace <corrupted partition> by /dev/sda2 or /dev/sda3 (or whichever partition is corrupted).

Thanks. But how to load the SCSI module manually?

Thanks. But the problem is the system cannot detect any SCSI harddrive

modprobe <nameofscsidriver>

I see. But where and how can I find the name of nameofscsidriver?

Can I use aic79xx? For example, modprobe aic79xx