Help with pulling active directory attributes

I have tried using likewise but I came across this yesterday

When you install Likewise only on a Linux, Unix, or Mac computer and
not on Active Directory, you cannot associate a Likewise cell with an
organizational unit, and thus you have no way to define a home directory
or shell in Active Directory for users who log on the computer with their
domain credentials.

I am trying to pull attributes from acitve directory… namely the homeDirectory
does anybody have any advice or programs they use that do this without installing anything on the windows machine?

I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish but you can use ldapsearch to pull those attributes.
You could do something like this.

ldapsearch -H ldaps://<AD server> -x -b dc=<DC name>,dc=<DC name> cn=<user name> homeDirectory

For more info on ldapsearch

man ldapsearch