help with opensuse 10.2

I know someone has had this problem and there’s a resolve
computer info 3.0 amd processor sata 180gb with windows visa
pata wd 120 Suse 10.2 pata wd 40gb windows xp 1024 memory
My problem is my ATI video card took a dump my computer also has a onboard nvidia 6150le.
if I just let the system start after I removed the ati card the system boots to shell.
What I’ve been doing is starting in failsafe mode and login into my user name using that password then I login as root and startx.
I can run yast and sax2 and it shows the nvidia 6150le but the default at time of install was the 2400 pci express radion.
I need to be able to set the default to the nvidia 6150le so I can login through the normal mode with my login screen and all.
I have to reboot though the terminal because there is no shutdown option available.

If you have the system running, from the desktop go to terminal and type su. then enter root password, and then the command init 3.

Log in as root and run this command:

sax2 -r -m 0=nv

This should switch you over to using the generic nvidia driver. When you are all done running YAST, type reboot (or contol-alt-delete) and the system will restart and it should boot all the way to the desktop now.

I would also uninstall the old ATI driver ASAP, and consider installing the Nvidia driver through YAST, especially if you have problems with the screen being off center or the cursor seeming kind of sluggish.

Thank you I just copied and pasted your instructions and it reconfigured and said access granted now I will reboot and if all is well I will let you all know

I would guess that was not all my problem I rebooted and tried to let the system start per normal and what I got was as follows.
resume device /dev/hda3 not found (ignoring)
waiting for device /dev/hda3 to appear…not found exiting to
sh: no job control in this shell
However I am currently logged in as root (this is the only way to startx) and typing this reply.
I can open /home/bob/documents so all my info is still here the computer just will not start per normal as I said safemode is the only way.
And I really did not want to loose my data I have saved by doing a reinstall of the system.

I might add the 120gb that has suse 10.2 installed is the primary drive and the 40gb that has windows xp is the secondary.
Although I use the bootloaded on the motherboard to boot which ever drive depending on the system I want to load.
If left to boot on its own it boots to the 120gb suse 10.2 drive by default.
I do not know if this will help.

You are very vulnerable connecting to the net while logged into the root desktop.

I don’t understand why you are getting the error message about one of your partitions or storage devices. Did you used to have a second hard drive connected, which recently got disconnected?

This seems unrelated to any video card driver problem, as far as I can see, and the command switching you over to the “nv” driver should have worked regardless of any missing or malfunctioning storage device or partition.

The fact that you are surfing the net in your root account would make me presume that your system security is likely compromised. What I would do at this point is disconnect from the net ASAP, then back up all your data from your regular user account onto a CD or DVD and reformat and reinstall.

Be sure to wipe out the home partition when you reinstall.

I don’t see any other prudent option, unfortunately.

Edit: OK, the other hard drive makes sense. What happened when you ran sax2? It should have worked if you followed the steps correctly.

I am sorry the only way I can connect to the internet in suse is as root right now.
I know the issues with being logged in as root which does worry me.
I will log off as root and try to copy files to my cdrom as user bob.
The reason for disconnecting the drives was related to the ati card my pc would not boot at all I went through several things trying to find what was the cause turned out to be the video card issue.
Thinking at first I had a weak power supply note the ati card was/is only about 8 months old as far as when I purchased it and installed.
That made it the last thing I disconnected.
I will login to xp and talk more thank you.

I am back in windows now as a newbe somewhat could help me to recover my data.
You seem the have the knowledge I lack
the data I need to recover is located in
again thank you for your help

Install this driver on XP.

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