Help with network-manager vpnc plugin please


I have been using the standalone vpnc client with an RSA SecurID dongle to connect to my employer’s network.
I launch the client, enter my pin and the SecurID number as the password and the connection is good to go.

It’s been working great but I’d like to try to set up the connection in Gnome Network Manager so it will be better integrated with the desktop.
I am having trouble configuring the VPN settings though. Can anyone suggest what values to use and where they need to go in the General Settings on the VPN tab?

My default.conf for vpnc looks like this:

IPSec gateway ******************
IPSec ID SecureID
IPSec secret ****************
Xauth username mjwalfredo
#Xauth password <password>
Vendor nortel
No Detach


Actually, I think I have entered my details correctly. But, here is the contents of /var/log/messages when I try to connect:

Jul 23 16:42:19 linux-y2ht kernel: [129440.136298] gnome-control-c[25559]: segfault at 8 ip b1abf75f sp bffb6780 error 4 in[b1ab7000+10000]
Jul 23 16:42:36 linux-y2ht kernel: [129457.398064] tun0: Disabled Privacy Extensions
Jul 23 16:42:36 linux-y2ht modem-manager: (net/tun0): could not get port's parent device
Jul 23 16:42:36 linux-y2ht avahi-daemon[1404]: Withdrawing workstation service for tun0.

I also have problems with vpnc and NetworkManager. Have you tried to launch it directly from the terminal

 /usr/sbin/vpnc profile_file 

with the profile_file in /etc/vpnc ?