Help with my Satellite [C655-S5130] networking issue...

Greets all, I am having a bit an of issue with my Toshiba Satellite [C655-S5130] laptop as far as the networking end of it is concerned. Recently, I installed ‘OpenSUSE’ 11.2-0 64-Bit and since then, it won’t connect to the internet wired nor wirelessly. First, the built-in wireless does not connect so I went out and bought the ‘ASUS (USB-N10)’ wireless USB adapter [which is infact fully compatible with Linux 2.4 & 2.6] and it too won’t work. Neither does the built-in network (ethernet) port on the laptop. I’ve checked in the box that says ‘Enable Networking’, went to the ‘edit connections…’ menu, clicked on the ‘Wireless’ tab and added the ASUS (USB-N10) adapter–forget the built-in wireless or wired connections because the ‘Network Connections Wizard’ can’t even see them. Still the adapter does not work. I tested both USB ports on the laptop, and they do work properly also, I tested the wireless network adapter on another of my Linux (Ubuntu 11.04) and Windows XP machines and it works great. So, I used the driver CD that came with the wireless adapter and ran it on the laptop. I did see the linux driver folder and I opened it up. I saw a file or ‘package’ named “rtl8192su_linux_2.4_2.6.0003.1019.2009.tar.gz” that I can’t seem to run or install. So I read the ‘readme.txt’ file inside it and into my dismay, I have to assemble or build the driver myself. Can anybody Please tell/show me how to do this??? or is there a command one types in to the ‘Terminal’ box that does this? I’m have no idea in the world of what to do, because I’m sort of new to the Linux world.

I would be most grateful to anyone who can help me out!

Thank You, All!!!

openSUSE 11.2
Has reached end of life anyway.

You would be better to focus on a newer release (11.4)

I didn’t know that, but I guess you’re right. I was just installing ‘openSUSE’ from a CD that came with a magazine 3 months ago. I should have been more aware of the fact that Linux distros update so frequently (I am new to this, so pardon me). I do appreciate your time in answering my question.

Thanks for the reply.