Help with KDE4 color scheme

How can I change the color of the “right click” menu selection color? I have drove myself crazy trying to figure it out. Which part of the color module changes this? I’m trying to change the dull gray to the green color of the Opensuse color scheme. I’ve posted a pick to show exactly what I’m referring to. The menu selection color of “Create New” “Link To Device” , etc.](
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do you have this module.

I use Kubuntu 9.10 and I am not familiar with open suse.

Yes I do. They are the same as far as the color module.

When I change the window background and the button background as indicated in that picture by clicking on those color modules and changing the color. The right click menu changes color. How many color themes do you have?

And as for the widget style, from that picture it looks like you are using oxygen. Under appearnace/style…have you tried qtcurve.

It’s qtcurve, I’m just using the ozone style. It may have something to do with the qtcurve style. If I use “shiny glass” style, the menu selection changes. Maybe the ozone style doesn’t support this.


Import my theme by the instructions on the download page and plug in those colors that I listed on that page and see of that helps the color change. As far as the settings in my theme…for the popup menu… my settings are dull glass.

My best

Importing your colors, or any colors, changes the menu selection for every qtcurve style. I guess changing those two options automatically changes it. I will keep digging until I figure it out. At least now I now how to duplicate it. Thanks for the tip.

okay, post a screenshot of what you have now if you want.

I got it! It is a qtcurve setting. I’m guessing qtcurve automatically changes it if the colors don’t correspond. The screenshots are of qtcurve “ozone” style. The qtcurve option is in Popup Menus, and check box for “use highlight color for active items”. This uses the selection background color for the menu selection background. This option is automatically selected for dull glass, shiny glass, and a couple of others, but not for ozone. Thanks for the push. It is easy for me to get lost in the new KDE4 color/qtcurve options.](](
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I’m glad you got it. I really like that wallpaper.:wink: