Help with k3b - new to SUSE

I’m sure someone has seen the following message coming out of K3b before:

Mp3 Audio Decoder plugin not found.
K3b could not load or find the Mp3 decoder plugin. This means that you will not be able to create Audio CDs from Mp3 files. Many Linux distributions do not include Mp3 support for legal reasons.Solution: To enable Mp3 support, please install the MAD Mp3 decoding library as well as the K3b MAD Mp3 decoder plugin (the latter may already be installed but not functional due to the missing libmad). Some distributions allow installation of Mp3 support via an online update tool (i.e. SuSE’s YOU).

Can anyone help me out, please. I’ve been struggling for the last three days trying to get this blasted thing working, but am getting no where. I’m getting to the point of going back to Windows.

Perhaps part of my problem is that I really don’t know how to check for a “missing libmad”, and the YAST tries I’ve made have pretty much been useless. And I’m not 100% sure the problem isn’t SUSE itself.

Any simple instruction greatly appreciated.

Restricted Formats - openSUSE-Community

Look for k3b-codecs - MP3 Encoding and Video Decoding/Encoding Plugins

Start up Yast → Software → Add-On Products

Click on the Add button - select Community Repositories then the Next button.
Add the Packman Repository - search for k3b-codecs and install.

Restart k3b

Also, the kde4-k3b is unable to use or detect the mp3 codecs. If you need k3b for .mp3’s use the kde3 version.

The packages to install are k3b and k3b-codecs (current versions are 1.0.5-48.22 from oss repo).](

Thanks guys. I would have sworn I tried your suggestions and the tip for checking the Restricted Formats form over the past few days.

In any event with the help from you guys I got that blasted K3b working. Thanks.


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