Help with installing Canon MP560 SuSE 11.3

I can’t seem to get the drivers to install properly. I’m back in dependency nightmare stating it’s missing Located and tried to install it but states that it’s already there. Has anyone got this to work? If so where and how did you do it. Thanks

Have a look at this thread.
Scanning over network
Seems like you need the drivers from canon Asia.

Hi comsparks;

if we just re-trace your steps;

if one goes to Canon Europe: (as they have drivers there for the MP560)

I get this


and you can see there are rpm drivers there for the printer function, as well as the scanner function;


so select to download the .tar file; … you have done all that ???/

what about: from your desktop, open the directory; RIght click on the common RPM;

select install with package manager: that uses YaST and YaST should then sort out dependencies …

if YaST opens, CLOSE it when it has installed the common RPM;

then RIGHT-CLICK on the MP560 rpm; do as the above?

any help?

I’m using 32bit. I’ve done everything you said and I get error repository already exists on every RPM driver. I’ve gone into add printer and no mp560 can be found in the canon section. It also can’t find any drivers. I’m new to this RPM world. I didn’t have any problems in Debian. Any idea on how to get this printer up and running. I really like this SUSE 11.3. I’ve run out of ideas. Thanks

OK I finally got the printer to work. On a lark I went into install/remove programs and typed in mp560 and there was the driver to be loaded. I installed it and it’s working now. Now if I can figure out the scanner portion I would be good to go.

OK got the scanner to work. Went into hardware scanner and it detected scanner. Made sure I had sane installed. Went back to desktop right click create launcher. Named it Scanner with command line xsane and it works perfectly.

great: both printer and scanner working;

about the printer you said …

and there was the driver to be loaded. I installed it

… so which driver did you load and install …

was it the .tar file you downloaded from Canon?


(I ask you that because you say you have used debian distros …)

Yes the tar file split out to rpm, common and cnijfilter and I loaded them up like you said. I then went to the install/remove programs and typed in the search mp560. the cnijfilter-mp560 series program came up but was not installed yet. I just checked and installed it and went to printers and it found it. Now in Deb. you untar one for the printer and one for the scanner and they split out two deb. files for each one. You double click on each one (4 total) and it installs them. You then go to printers add pick it and its done. The scanner uses scangear and I made a launcher for it using scangear as command line. Presto they all done.

good work; thanks

No problem I try and help out when I can. I’m a Debian person and haven’t used RPM in many years. It left a bad taste in my mouth because of the constant dependency issues I always had with it. I switched over to Debian and I found it much easier to understand and with limited if not any dependency issues. I also found that I liked Gnome over KDE I think because of the apps in Gnome. I saw that SUSE 11.3 had a Gnome version so I thought I would take if for a spin. Anyway thanks for your help as well. Take Care!


you wrote:


Since I am using Suse 11.1 64 bit, what could be the solution in my case? I’m also trying to install the install the printer Canon PIXMA MP560 but unfortunately without any success.

Thanks a lot for your help.