Help with HP 2133 / C 7280 Under SUSE 10

Hi there, wondering if any kind soul can offer to help / advise ? We have just bought an HP 2133 Mini notebook (running SUSE 10.1) and we have an HP C 7280 printer (Wireless). Problem is that I cant get anything to print on it. When I try to add a printer it does not detect it. If I plug it in via the USB the type (7280) does not appear in the list of available printers, so it fails to install that way. I am really at a loss now. I’ve never really had an exposure to Linux until now and I feel pretty disheartened so far !

You need to install (via YaST) hplip and as root user run hp-setup.

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As you may or may not know linux runs cups as its printing server. In order to add a printer you must interface with cups first to set up that printer. The previous post describes hp-setup which may or may not work. It can be kind of flaky sometimes. But by all means try that first by typing hp-setup in a console. But if that doesn’t work a good rule of thumb to add a printer is to configure cups by doing the following.
1.configuring cups is done through a web based configuration. You access cups by typing the following in firefox http://localhost:631 . This should bring up cups interface. the “home” tab. “add printer”
4.Give it a name,location,description to identify this printer. Click continue.
5.Then select “AppSocket/HP JetDirect” for the device.(I’m assuming you are setting up this printer wirelessly.)
6.Enter socket://hostname:9100 and replace the hostname with the ip address of the printer. Click continue. hp for the make. click continue. HP Photosmart 7200 series Foomatic/hpijs **** and then hit add printer.

Then you should have a working printer. If not your hp software needs to be updated. Hope that helps.