Help with HDD Partitions


I ran out of space on my /home partition when i hardly had any files on it and then decided to look into why. I have only been running SUSE about 1 month as my only OS. Previous to this i was running Windows. Anyway looking at my partitions with yast partition-er i found out that i dont how many hdd’s are mounted and which partition sits where. I think that it makes things more complicated that before suse i tried mint for a day and was not such a fan so i seem t have those mounts and also because i choose encryption when i installed my os.

So please can someone help explain where my filesystems are mounted on what HDD’s and how i would expand my home one. I have 2 HHD’s a 20GB hardwired one and my 256 OCZ SSD. I have taken screenshots of what yast says.


Hi !

And what was the result?
You don’t elaborate on that.

Look, from your posted screen-shots, it is obvious on which drive your partitions are located.

Using LVM is not my preference, since I usually like to know where my data goes.
But that’s your choice, not mine.

Which, however, is clear from your screen-shots is that your /home is only of the size of 25GB,
which is very little if you want to store photographs or even videos there.

I’m not surprised if a /home of that small size gets filled up.

On the other hand, I don’t see that you make reasonable use of your SSD,
which is fast.
You could use it for a boot volume for any operating system
(like openSUSE, another Linux, or even windows).

You have other partitions on your hard disk and SSD, but do you make use of them?
I would be interested to hear that.

Anyway, checking your /home for what needs that much space is easy:
right-click with the mouse on a folder/directory and select ‘properties’.
You will see how much space is used for the files in that folder.

You will have to spend the time to do just that,
folder by folder,
if you want to really find out where your hard disk space did go :wink:

Good luck