Help with getting a download page and downloading packages


I have stumbled across this very cool build service and decided to try it out. However I am stuck. I have just created a package that I called conky-small, that I forked from The build finished and next to the truck icon it says succeeded. So I went to click “Download Package” and I get sent to a page that says

Install package home:thatbuilder:branches:home:thatbuilder / Conky-small No data for home:thatbuilder:branches:home:thatbuilder / Conky-small


So I was just wondering how can I resolve this issue.

Thank you for your help, if the answer to my question was in another forum post I am sorry for creating a new post.

Correct, packages ‘branched’ by default do not publish, so you need to enable it so it publishes and creates the repository.

Now that being said, the Web UI is broken, so even though you see a green tick for the Pubish Flag at;

Hover your mouse pointer over the i586 build and select disable, wait, the hover over again and enable. Give it a few minutes and it should publish.

Sorry for the delay. But you fixed it for me, thank you!