Help with Fonts in openSUSE 12.3 KDE

HI All,

My fonts within browsers and applications look quite nice, but I’m really unhappy with the fonts in menus and window titles.
It looks like there is white ghosting around the characters on the grey background. In other distibutions (eg. Ubuntu and Mepis) the fonts looked quite good.

I tried going into the KDE settings and the fonts there don’t look much better.

Is there a guide somewhere to sexy-ing up one’s fonts in openSUSE?
I tried adding the Infinality repository (Index of /repositories/home:/namtrac:/subpixel/openSUSE_12.3) but it looks like I already have the important components from this (Cairo?)

Thanks for any pointers


Try using Droid Sans fonts

Yes, Droid Sans fonts are great for menus etc.
Before I discovered these I always used to get hold of the Windows Tahoma font for my menus but I think Droid Sans is even better.
Liberation Sans is also not bad.

The only difference between caf4926 and myself with anti-aliasing is I set mine to full hinting.
Just try it out and see what you like.