Help with Error..

Hi, I’v been using OpenSuse 11 for about 5 days on my HP dv6552e laptop iv got everything going good till today when it froze twice and had to do a hard shutdown. After rebooting i got this error when trying to update or initialize the Yast installer…

There was an error in the repository initialization.
‘PK_TMP_DIR’: Failed to cache repo (1).

  • ‘’ ‘-o’ ‘/var/cache/zypp/solv/PK_TMP_DIR/solv’ ‘/var/tmp/TmpDir.1tC2U6’
    /usr/bin/ line 34: cd: /var/tmp/TmpDir.1tC2U6: No such file or directory

Thanks and im not too n00by to Linux now, iv used Ubuntu and Linux Mint

One of your partitions may be fed up. Or getting mounted read-only due to errors.

That could be true anyway to do something like CHKDSK/f/r in it on the partitions ?

Well, yes, the command would be

fsck -A

but it must not be run on a live filesystem. See

man fsck

. The solution would be to run it at system reboot – only I don’t know how it’s done exactly, you’ll have to google for it …

Ah ok, I’v fixed it now its was a damaged entry in the repository all i had to do is YaST>Software Repositories> and delete the PK_TMP entry Thanks

Uhm… I was of real help with this one …:stuck_out_tongue: