Help with CUPS ipp network printing

I can’t get my laptop to print to my desktop via CUPS ipp. I admit to being over my head. Kubuntu somehow had auto discovery once you checked “allow remote printing” in the printer config. The desktop printer would automatically show up on the laptop. Once I would tell ufw firewall to allow CUPS, it automatically printed. I can’t get it to do the same in openSUSE. I have the opensuse desktop firewall turned off to rule it out. I have configured CUPS to share the printer. If I go to Yast>Printer>Print Via Network and check “request printer info from cups server” and enter cups IP, it shows up on the laptop, but print jobs will not go through. What am I missing?

I solved this today with a complete reinstall on the laptop. Using 11.4 live CD, the print query came through fine to desktop printer. I started noticing several nasty bugs in my new 11.4 KDE install, and finally became non bootable. I assume it was just a bad install. The checksum was okay. With todays fresh install, and the laptop pointed to the cups server uri, it prints fine. It was not openSUSE’s fault.