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I have a VPCCW21FX Sony laptop. The default open source driver is able to take advantage of my lcd backlight but the proprietary Nvidia driver cannot. I found this guide on how to get the backlight working for a variety of Vaio laptops but since it was written for Ubuntu, I’m having trouble. Either of the last two posts look promising. The only thing stopping me from trying the last posts method is that I don’t know how to compile the source. So If someone could show me how to compile this I could start there and if that doesn’t work any help with the second to last posts method would be great. Thank You in advance.

Sony VPCCW21FX Core I3-330M NVIDIA GeForce GT310M GPU

This nvidiabl (nvidia back light) is probably kernel specific.

I note from the readme here: the developer wrote:

I wrote a little Linux driver based on Andy Wingo’s work ( and MacTel Team ( that enables the control of laptop backlight connected to NVIDIA chip using the /sys/class/backlight interface.
Kubuntu 9.10 for instance uses this interface to control the backlight from powerdevil.
It is tested with a Sony AW11M/H laptop (Nvidia 9300M GS). Other users successfully tested it on other laptops (have a look at the nvidiabl-laptops.h file).

so nvidiabl appears to be a fork of nvblacklight.

You could ask a packager to package this for openSUSE. Possibly try the Packman mailing list. I can’t tell if one needs the Sony model laptop to package an rpm.

Further to the above, you may wish to dig deeper in the nVidia forum. I note this thread Linux backlight driver - Page 5 - nV News Forums starting on post#53 there are a number of different scripts one can run to automate this on openSUSE.

I don’t have such hardware, nor the time/motivation to dig through that thread for the latest version, but if you find the latest script version it should hopefully be a simple matter of running the script.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. This is a big help and I’ll be attempting everything I can to get this working.

Thats the thread I linked, just an earlier page - I feel kinda stupid now…

No worries. Its a MASSIVE thread and it appears Ubuntu took an openSUSE script, modified it for Ubuntu and packaged it.

If you can find the latest script for openSUSE from that thread, then maybe you can get one of our packagers to package it and help our distribution ! :slight_smile:

Fixed, Cured, Solved… etc!

I followed the guide on the page you linked, page 5. I used the newest version of the module 0.70 and followed the guide deviating where necesary.

For example, the file was called “nvidia_bl.” But now in 0.70 its called “nvidiabl” cd commands might be a little different because of name changes. Little things like this.

I did not edit nvidia_bl.c because there wasn’t one.

I did not edit the kernel sysconfig file because there was already nvidia_bl entries.

the command “$ lsmod | grep nvidia_bl” or “lsmod | grep nvidia_bl” had no visable effect at all.

But in the end it works, I now have Backlight functionality. I don’t know exactly what I was doing or what a script is but if you point me in the right direction on how to get this into an rpm, who to contact or where to file a request I’d love to see this packaged properly for OpenSUSE. Thanks for the tips, really, I doubt I would have this solved now if it wasn’t for your posts. Thank You :).

I confess I have not spent the time learning how to do this.

I think malcolmlewis, please_try_again, jdmcdaniel3 and others have the knowledge how to package, if someone can provide them the script edits/technical details.