Help Updating JeOS Appliances

Hello all,

I want to use OpenSuse Leap 15.2 JeOS appliances to distribute my custom software (a few RPMs).

I know we have appliances already built for different environments at web page.

I just want to edit these appliances and add a Repository address as well as want to install a few RPMs, then bundle it up again. I read kiwi-ng but could not find details for JeOS appliances kiwi/xml file details. Also i dont want to re-invent whole process in order to just to add a few RPMs and one repository address.

What would be the best method to proceed? How can one edit these already built appliances for customization and re-package them? If editing/updating an appliance is not feasible/easy then can you kindly just share a config.xml or KIWI file for these appliances for local builds?

I do thank you for your helps in advance and looking forward hearing your ideas/feedbacks,


Here is a link to the image, either create a link on OBS and modify as required, or build locally

Of use Studio Express at SUSE Studio Express

Your preferred solution will likely depend on a variety of factors including the “apartment” technology you prefer (ie various virtualization images, install images, Docker, LXC, Vagrant, various cloud services, etc). Your decision might depend not only on your preferred virtualization/isolation technology, you also need to consider where you will publish your creation, whether it’s for public or private use, etc. If you plan on providing all that yourself, then perhaps your options are more varied.

I think the easiest and way to publish a custom image is Docker and Dockerhub. Drawback is that at least for today it’s more suited for GUI-less deployments if that’s a necessity for you.

Keep in mind every JeOS you build on is quite different.