Help- TW suddenly broken

Hi all. I don’t know what happened. This morning I logged into TW KDE but I cannot start any applications anymore. Rebooted several time and even pulled battery. The system boots fine but you cant do anything. Even shutdown and restart button has no effect. Cant open terminal either.

Now I also got a blackscreen saying the “screenlocker” is broken.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Hi Simon,

the last update needed to be done with “zypper dup” not the autoupdate and not “zypper up”. The command line tool zypper will tell you so, the GUI update will just happily break your system :slight_smile:
It also broke for me doing the autoupdate.

If you use BTRFS on your system disk, you can easily fix it by doing the rollback, see:

Copied from there:

Boot the system. In the boot menu choose Bootable snapshots and select the snapshot you want to boot. The list of snapshots is listed by date—the most recent snapshot is listed first.

  •   Log in to the system. Carefully check whether everything works as expected. Note that you cannot write to any directory that is part of the snapshot. Data you write to other directories will *not*

get lost, regardless of what you do next.

Depending on whether you want to perform the rollback or not, choose your next step:

  • If the system is in a state where you do not want to do a rollback, reboot to boot into the current system state, to choose a different snapshot, or to start the rescue system.
  •     If you want to perform the rollback, run 
sudo snapper rollback
  •  and reboot afterward. On the boot screen, choose the default boot entry to reboot into the reinstated system. A snapshot of the file system status before the rollback is created. The default subvolume for root will be replaced with a fresh read-write snapshot. For details, see [Section 3.3.1, “Snapshots after Rollback”]( 

After the rollback check your repositories that there are no nonstandard repos with weird interactions active and redo the update using

sudo zypper dup

If you are using multimedia packages from Packman, chances are, you’ll have to switch the mp3 related packages to the system repo (patents expired and mp3 is now officially supported in the main OSS repo, I guess.)

If you do not use BTRFS a clean new install of your machine is probably the best way to go.

Greets, Felix

Hi Felix. Thanks a lot for the great advice. Sadly I have opted for XFS on root so roll-back wont be possible. I am also relying on packman for all multimedia packages. Just transferred all my data using a live system.

I think I should give Leap a chance before surrendering to the distro hopping disease. I do a lot of writing and email from this laptop. So something less prone to fixing may be more suitable.

Hi Simon,

sorry that this didn’t help :-(. I actually use Tumbleweed on my own laptop and my wife’s and have found it to be at least as stable or even more robust and breakage free than LEAP or any other distribution (*buntu, Fedora) I’ve tried, including Windows10 … Provided you do use BTRFS on the system partition. Booting into old system states and doing snapper rollback really is a game changer. You can just “make it work now and look into fixing it later when I don’t have this deadline to meet”, which is even more valuable than having less but more painful breakages with stable distris IMO.

Before installing LEAP, maybe try TW with BTRFS :wink:

Greets Felix

You right. I guess TW is intended to be run BTRFS. Let me give it one more shot.

So now you just use the video playback codecs from pacman?

‘if’ its possible to get system shell [ctrl-alt-f2] just do sudo zypper dup from there, could also probably chroot and dup also

Thanks will definitely keep that in mind.

I have installed Leap on my work laptop for now. It also runs great and is fantastic on resource given the old Kernel.

There are two things I learnt the hard way about TW

  1. Next time I will make sure I can use BTRFS
  2. I won’t just run zypper dup without ensuring no vendor change happens. In fact I was running zypper dup before the fatal day and maybe things got messed up with gstreamer.

Playing around with TW on my secondary laptop. Once I am fully versed with the distro will make it my main system again :slight_smile: