Help Tumbleweed fresh install, no boot , not tty

Secure boot disabled, though option was " enable secure boot " was ticked during install

win 10 dual boot.
Nvidia 980TI
Linux Tree**
efi on separate ssd a
root on 10GiB partiton on SSD b
/home on 1tb HDD c
swap on root ssd b
/linuxprogs partition on efi ssd a
Win10 Tree
**boot on ssd b
games on 2nd half of ssd a
no other “conflicting” Hdd’s

Installed fine. no problems, though would not live boot.

boot from grub goes to black screen

run in **nomodeset
***freezes at switching to nouveaufb from EFI VGA
run in **runlevel 3
***freezes at switching to nouveaufb from EFI VGA
Both give me that same issue, frozen screen, no ctrl+alt +f1-f4
all I can do is hold down ctrl+alt+del to reboot

I moved from Ubuntu because of apt-get upgrade
destroyed shell, repo’s and all ubuntu packages.

was hoping SUSE would be more stable.
suspect its NVIDIA open-source driver and I need to install the Proprietary driver.

cant get into tty,console, whatever you wanna call it.

H E L P**

If you are using “nomodeset”, then it shouldn’t be switching to nouveau. Or at least that’s my understanding and experience.

How are you doing “nomodeset”?

nomodeset should not use nouveau it should use fall back drivers. Are you sure you are doing it right?

Note that Tumbleweed is a rolling release ans as such is not as stable as the fixed release


I found linux in the grub pressed “end” deleted “splash quiet” replaced with “nomodeset” is this not how you do it?

Theres one message before it that states

“MXM: GUID detected in BIOS”

Hmm, no. You want just “nomodeset” without the “splash=”.

Ahh, I see i’ve been doing that wrong for 4 years now…
Nothing makes sense as to how I I fixed things before 0.e