Help... "Try (HD0,0):NTFS5" I Cant Boot!

A few days ago i decided to try OpenSUSE…
I had Windows Vista Home Premium.
I downloaded the LiveCD (10,3) and i burned into a DVD amd I installed the installer and it told me to reboot. I pressed reboot later. I did never reboot after that.

The day after i downloaded the OpenSUSE 11 DVD. I mounted it with Daemon Tools. That maybe was stupid…
I installed the installer for 11 too and after that i restarted my computer.

Now i cant boot anything… Not Vista or OpenSUSE… It just says “Try (HD0,0): NTFS5” then i come back to where i choose what to boot… :frowning:

I hope you understand what i wrote… (Im 13 years old and from sweden :stuck_out_tongue: )

This maybe doesn’t help, but my computer is a Acer 2480, 1GB Ram, 60gb harddrive, 1,6 Ghz processor blablabla…

I cannot say exactly what you did. So first, I suggest you fix Vista. You need to use the Vista RE (Recovery Environment) to do that. The RE is on the Vista retail DVD. It may also be on whatever came with your machine for OS recovery, but be very careful: most of the time the manufacturer’s recovery just restores the OS back to the way it was when you bought it. If you don’t have the RE, you can download it and burn it to CD. It is here Vista Recovery Disc Download. This is a bittorrent file, so you will need to use bittorrent software. Here are the instructions (use Method 2) Repair Vista boot. Also look at this How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment - you may need to also use /FixMbr and /FixBoot.

To install openSUSE, boot from the DVD. Do not try to start the installation from within Vista.

Good luck.

Thank you, I will try this :smiley:

Thank You! It Worked! rotfl! :slight_smile:

It didnt work… i thought it worked cuz i got into the installation screen… E:/Sources/Install.wim is missing :frowning:

“E:/Sources/Install.wim” sounds like a file on the CD. If the file “is missing” that usually means the iso or the CD burn was defective. You should check the iso you downloaded with an md5sum tool (there are many free ones on the Web, just google it). The md5sum is:


Be sure to understand how to use whichever md5sum program you choose. Usually the program is run from the command line.

Also, it is possible that the program you used to burn to CD also will compute the md5sum, so check that - if it does, you don’t need another md5sum program.

Then burn the CD very slowly - like at 4x. Again, some burners will “verify” the burn, that is, compare what is burned to the iso file. This takes a while, so be patient and let it finish.

After getting a good CD, be very careful to follow the Microsoft instructions exactly. If you want, you can try the “Automatic Repair” but I must say that it worries me on a machine with Vista installed by the manufacturer. I prefer using the command line programs manually, but those programs are powerful so, again, be patient and careful.

Good luck.