Help to set up Apache web server + upload via FTP

Hi everyone,

I have had my server for well over a month but I’ve been much too busy to sort it out. I am really a newbie to Linux and I find myself totally confused.

Basically here is the story, I’ve just graduated from University mainly doing graphics design and interactive media stuff. I have been doing some freelance things on myspace and other social networking websites but ideally I need to be able to design my own websites and host them on my own server. I would like to have the server operating from my home but enable it to accept file transfers via FTP apps or apps like Dreamweaver.

I have found this server tutorial which seems rather good but I get lost during the instructions. Link

It’s like I get to this page and it’s just we run this that and the other with vague instructions on where to run the application, what to click etc. I am so confused totally out of my comfort zone.


Please, read the chapters 22 and 23 of the Reference guide, available here:

Novell Documentation


Hi and thank you for the link, I’m currently attempting to set up the FTP. I’ll post again if I run into any technical questions, thanks again.

Okay so this is where I’m at, I followed the instructions and gone onto page 17. I installed the FTP and got stuck at this point.

2b Enter the FTP server root directory:
cd /srv/ftp
2c Create a subdirectory holding the installation sources in the FTP root direc-
mkdir instsource
Remote Installation 17
Replace instsource with the product name.

I can’t find cd /srv/ftp, however I think I found it once but not again but when I was there step 2c asked to create a directory however when I right clicked the mouse the create folder option was grayed out to prevent the creation of new directories.

also I’m not sure what the CD directory is, or am I supposed to have a CD as in disc?

cd = Change Directory
the commands you are using most likely need superuser rights, so, before carrying them out, type in su in a console& press enter,then, type in root’s password to gain superuser rights.the reason you need superuser rights is, you are working on files stored in the system directory. An easier way for you to do this would be,Kmenu - System - Filemanager - Filemanager-superuser Mode & enter root’s password,that way you will be using a GUI ( point & click )