Help to free up some space

hi all… I am running out of space in my root drive…only 138 MB left now… I have cleaned the temp files and removed some applications but no use… I was having kde 3.5 and upgraded gradually to kde 4.2.4 … on each upgrade, I lost space … I have both .kde and .kde4 folders in my home directory… I have seen kde3 folders in some other places also. Can I delete these folders to free up space?

If you mean that you have /home within your root directory, you can create plenty of space by adding a separate /home partition.

I usually use bleachbit to clean unnecessary files,
you can install it from the packman repo.

Or you can find it here,


earlier my home directory was in root… then I copied all files in /home to another ext3 drive and mounted it as /home. Now, I want to delete contents from my old /home directory … how would I do this??

Hi. Do you mean that you have two /home directories right now??? That does not sound right…
Moving /home ist quite simple. You’ll find some hints here: How to move your home directory safely in SLED/SLES | Novell User Communities or here: Howto Move /home To A New Partitian On An Existing System - openSUSE Forums, for example. Good luck!

I haven’t really moved home directory. I just copied the contents to a new partition and mounted it as root. The old home directory exists somewhere but I am not able to view it since its not mounted.

Excuse me, I’m a little confused…
Are you sure its still there? If your old home directory was located on root, then it should be mounted with root b/c it is a part of root. If you don’t see it, then either the folder’s been hidden, or you did a mv instead of a copy. If that’s the case, then there’s nothing to move.

it should be there because I haven’t deleted or moved the default home directory. My opensuse is in sda10. I copied the contents of home directory using rsync(or dd… don’t remember exactly) to sda10 and in /etc/fstab, I changed a line to mount sda10 as home.

But if you changed the mounting of /home in fstab, then you did move pointer of the home directory from the folder it was before (in this case, under root) to a new location. As far as I know (and I could be wrong), there can only be 1 /home, otherwise you would have two directories with the same name.

Try this: in fstab, mount your new home directory to something like “/home1” and reboot. Did you’re old directory show up?

k… will try… what I was saying is that, I have only changed a pointer to point to some other location rite? so the contents of old home directory will be somewhere in root(may be hidden under some other name)as garbage.

in my yast partition manager, the mount points were

/dev/sda9 /home
/dev/sda10 /

I set not to mount /dev/sda9 and removed the mount point and restarted the system. My old desktop came up and everything in home directory was as it was before… I deleted all the contents in home directory and again mounted sda9 as /home and restarted… now I have almost 4 GB free disk space in /


I am using openSUSE with Clonezilla and quickly ran out of space of my home folder. So I used gparted to move free space from “/” to “/home” - I gained 15Gs. But then home filled back up because of my images. So I deleted like 3 or 4 images from the home folder - which are 8-10Gs each! But when I did this, the computer still said I had no space left! Rebooting didnt fix it either. Poking around, I got into my home/partimgs folder (where clonezilla stores images) and then I click the option to show hidden files. What appeared was a folder called “.trash” and it was 58Gs!!! I had to log into to root to delete it and immediately I gained all my HDD space back.