Help to configure Wine in 11.2

Need help to configure Wine for use with Windows programs in OpenSuse 11.2.
So, if you have any tips tricks tools or links to websites, please share it to a newbie.

After installing run this in a terminal: winecfg
Just make sure ALSA is selected Sound in the config and it is using XP.

FrontPage - The Official Wine Wiki
WineHQ - Wine Application Database

Install apps with this from a terminal:

wine ./Setup.exe
(where Setup.exe is the name of the installer)

Stardoom wrote:

> So, if you have any tips

find Linux programs like those you want to run in WINE, and ween
yourself off the dependence on Redmond…


You can make nice shortcut icons for your windows applications in KDE/Gnome too.

  • rightclick in your Desktop Folder and choose ‘Create New…’
  • choose ‘Link to application…’
  • :idea:if you have more Desktops, you maybe have a problem now: you’re panel maybe is frozen and you cannot edit you’re new shortcut. Enter <ctrl><Esc> and a system activity window appears. Find your shortcut process, it is called ‘plasma-desktop’ and rightclick on it. Choose ‘show application window’ and you’ll find your shortcut again.
  • choose Application tab.
  • fill on Command line: wine yourprogram.exe
  • fill on Work path line: /place/anotherplace/ (most installed programs by wine you find in your home directory under .wine). If you have a program you don’t have to install place it in /opt
  • in fact you’re done now, you can press Ok and check it out.
  • but maybe you like a nice icon, so choose General tab.
  • click in ? picture
  • choose a system icon or better, choose Other icons and browse to your application folder. Most of time you’ll find a nice icon to use there.
  • have fun…