Help theming Gnome 3

I have been running Gnome 3 for a few days now and really like it, but need to tweak it to my liking, basically to an overall darker theme. Something similar to this is what I am shooting for:

I have figured out how to do the shell themes (top bar, dock, etc) but I am having problems with the window manager themes (window title bars, window backgrounds, etc). Using the Gnome-Tweak_Tool, I can apply the pre-installed ones, but I am at a loss as to how I add new ones. I have tried adding themes to ~/.themes, and /usr/share/gnome-shell/themes, but I am unable to get them to show up to be usable in the tweak tool. I am comfortable using the command line and/or editing configuration files if that is the only way, I just do not know where to start.
Thank you in advance

Say your theme name is test1 then you need a directory;


Then (this is Atolm)


calendar-arrow-left.svg   gnome-shell.css      toggle-off-us.svg
calendar-arrow-right.svg  LICENSE              toggle-on-intl.svg
close.svg                 preview-atolm.jpg    toggle-on-us.svg
close-window.svg          process-working.png  ws-switch-arrow-down.svg
corner-ripple.png         process-working.svg  ws-switch-arrow-up.svg
dash-placeholder.svg      theme.json
filter-selected.svg       toggle-off-intl.svg

The gnome-shell.css file is where all the configuration is…

I have it set up like this already, but the only elements being themed are the shell elements ( Calendar, Applications, dock, top bar). All of the windows, ie Nautilus, Firefox, etc either get the default Adwaita or if I use the Gnome Tweak Tool, the only things that show up are Metacity themes. Could I have a missing theme engine? I thought I had installed all the correct GTK stuff, but I could be wrong. I spent the last several years on KDE so the whole Gnome setup is foreign to me, but I am loving it so far.

install the gnome-tweak, gnome-shell-extensions, gnome-shell-extension-userthemes packages (sorry i dont recall the exact names, but youll find them in add-remove software), then go to gnome art and get some nice gnome shell themes, and you can easily install them from the gnome-tweak utility.
here is a nice one i had back when i used fedora 15 with gnome 3.
Browsing GNOME Shell on deviantART

I am trying to find adwaita icon theme in the GNOME 3.X repos and cannot find it. I think the rpm for adwaita icons was present when GNOME 3.X was introduced at first if i am not wrong.kindly advise