help, stuck

i keep getting stuck on this screen
ImageShack - Hosting :: xp45ox8.png
(that image isnt mine, i took it from somewhere in this forum in guides and faqs) X_X
and like in 2 min, my comp reboots and this keeps happening, how do i get pass this screen?

You don’t give us much to go on. Is this from a installed system? Or a live cd?

If already installed - at the boot selection screen, choose failsafe, and make a note of errors reported in the text on the screen.

this is a live cd X_X, its just right after i pressed opensuse 11.0 after booting it

at boot from cd, when you choose.
F3 - I think will open the video option
maybe try vesa

what is your PC/laptop?

ok thanks for helping, but now i have another problem.
opensuse is so slow and the screen keeps blinking…

Does this mean you have installed it?

You still have not given any details of your system!

Slow - How?
Do you mean the screen is blinking?

slow as in internet speed and getting mozzila firefox to boot up slow, and ill try installing opensuse XP

Disable ipv6 system wide
yast - network - network devices (reboot will be needed)


and ill try installing opensuse XP