Help....Some issues that I can't figure out

I keep getting this error message when i open firefox, or try to open any tab in firefox:

“Fail to write content/metadata.
Would you like to disable beagle now ?”. If i Say yes it closes firefox, and when i open firefox again none of my tabs are reloaded .

Also, I get an error that my home page is full, i can’t download anything to my desktop or any other place. I set up a new folder in the tmp directory called Downloads, and want all of my files saved there, but I can’t get them in there. my hard drive has 197GB free. How do I make more space in my Home directory that’s encrypted. It won’t let me unencrypt the folder. It says I have to log in as another user. When I log in as root, it still says the same thing.

How do I change my root password after it was set.

Sorry for all the questions but I am new to this.

i think you have to change the permission or ownership of the directories you want to write to. i think you and beagle are having such a problem.

in a terminal, chmod user:group directory ; i suggest you use users as the group for the directory that you want to write to.

to change your root password - start a terminal as root; enter passwd command; follow the prompt.

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Most posts on this forum are from users who have “issues they can’t figure out”. This happens to all of us at one time or another.

Please, next time can you use a more descriptive post of the technical nature of your problem? ie something like: Title: Metadata/home-page full errors. Help please!

Thanks, and best of luck in sorting your problem.

I am having the exact same problem with Beagle since the patch to Firefox 3.0 was applied. “Fail to write content/metadata. Would you like to disable beagle now”

Personally, I’d just disable Beagle altogether. I’ve noticed some performance improvements from not having it churning away in the background.