Help setting up virtual host + SSL

It’s time for me to get a website up and I need help to do things right ! First I’d like to set up a test site accessible by secure and not secure connections (i.e. https and http). I’ve been running my web apps (Drupal, NextCloud, phpMyAdmin) under /srv/www/htdocs for some time now so I have the basics figured out. Just never created a virtual host and never a secure url.

If someone can give me a step by step approach to this I’d be quite appreciative.

Goal: use for secure connection & for a fallback.

My present setup:

  1. Apache2-2.4.38-2.1
  2. Bind-9.11.2-43.3
  3. PHP7-7.3.1-2.1
  4. openSUSE-Tumbleweed

Everything is up to date as of today (sudo zypper update)…

Michael Soibelman

P.S. I’ll buy a domain name and change the url from to and open firewall to outside world when I’m comfortable with my setup… Of course I’m not really using but that’s the form I’m using, that is to say with a dash between the first and second word…

The only supported way of keeping Tumbleweed up-to-date is

zypper dup

If you’re now considering moving your website from development to Production, you should consider also moving from TW to LEAP for better stability.
Depending on your website, you may also want to keep a development > staging > production infrastructure for continuing support and maintenance of the website.
Tools like the YaST http-server module can help setting up your virtual server consistently.
You didn’t mention MySQL/MariaDB, if your website uses a database, be sure to set up and configure fault tolerance and maintenance/support policies.
When you’re ready to get a SSL certificate for your website, start by selecting a CA service, then look for the page that describes that service’s procedure for creating and submitting a CSR. It might be complete or partial, but it’s a starting point.

After setting up the above,
If you have further questions about specific things, go ahead and post.