Help setting up PAM with Kerberos / Active Directory ticket

Good morning,

First of all, thanks for this amazing distribution. I installed 13.1 last week and it works perfectly!

I am strugling with a problem and I hope you will help me solving it.

I am trying to integrate my computer with our Active Directory domain. I have used YAST wizard to add my computer to the domain and it works perfectly.

I have created a mount point that I use to mount a CIFS share in a file server of our company. This works only when I MANUALLY run the kinit command and get a kerberos ticker for my user.

I want to do this automatically so that when I log in the system with my user it will run automatically the kinit command with my login credentials and get a valid kerberos ticket.

I installed pam_krb5 package and I run pam-config --add --krb5 command but no luck. I haven’t found any guide or tutorial about how to set up this.

Could you please guide me?

Thank you!

That’s probably your problem.
You need to install and configure SAMBA to setup as a CIFS Server.

Install the SAMBA packages using YAST or zipper, the world is awash in tutorials and guides for setting up, but be sure you use one that is relevant to the version of SAMBA installed.


Hi tsu2,

Thanks for the answer!

I don’t want to setup a CIFS server on my computer, I want to connect to a Windows share on a file server of our domain.

What I want is to get a kerberos ticket for my domain user when I log into my computer (kinit) so that I can access the share without having to manually run the kinit command.

Is it necessary to setup a CIFS server for this?

Thank you!