Help setting up OpenSuse 11.2 with Windows 7 Virtual Machine

Hello everyone,

I’m making my first foray into using Linux, and I wanted to try it on in a VM first. I downloaded the full iso (openSUSE-11.2-DVD-i586). The checksum matches that on the download page, and the disks own checker (at the install screen) also check out fine. I tried to install it in windows virtual machine, and the initial install doesn’t give any errors, but it either hangs at the loading screen (green grub with progress bar) or the VM just vanishes completely. Automatic configuration almost completed once. I’ve tried using the options

noreplace–paravirt i8042.noloop clock=pit acpi=off

to no avail. the first thing I see is

failed to get NUMA information from SRAT table.

It then gets to the logon screen (sometimes) and then I get several segfaults along the lines of

/etc/inti.d/syslog: line 112: 3692 Segmentation fault

among other segfaults.

I realize this isn’t really supported “hardware”, but I would really like to give Linux a try, and only have one box, and lets just say the wife would not be amenable to losing windows ATM. So, I would really appreciate any help. Thanks for your time

I doubt if you can run Linux in the Windows VM try Sun’s Virtualbox

I’m doing the same thing, but I just installed VirtualBox. Since Oracle bought out Sun, on the first run of VirtualBox, it wants me to register, but that fails. I guess I need a newer version. I tried registering at VirtualBox’s website, and at Oracle’s site. That did not work either, since the program is still trying to access the account at the old Sun site.

So, for now, VirtualBox doesn’t seem to be an option. At least not for me.>:(

you don’t need to register. I have mine that is not registered.

Thanks, I’ll try virtualbox. That was my next step. I was hopeful, because the mono guys have an opensuse based virtual hard drive you can download that works great. I just wanted more control for exploring.

VMware is another option, however I experienced many problems running suse 11.2 as a guest on a windows xp host. I would only try it if virtual box has issues as well. I have done my best to document the problems/solutions so others have a better experience:

SUSE 11.2 on VMWare Server 2.0 with Windows XP Host - openSUSE Forums