Help selecting an email server

I have two Linux computers networked with Samba. I would like to create Kalendar appointments, emails and other personal information management from either computer and have them synchronized into a central file. At some point, I want to add an Android smart phone into the mix.

I think I need some kind of mail server to accomplish this. I checked out Kolab, and it appears the SuSE is no longer supporting this. What are my other options?

Not sure how a mail server fits into the mix there but I use postfix and dovecot for authentication with amavis for virus & spam scanning, and with domain and user info stored in a mysql database

Setting up a mailserver’s not for the faint-hearted, I found a tutorial for debian that ken_yap pointed me to on Welcome to | to be extremely useful

I originally did it using the one for Sarge, redid it later using the Lenny one for postfix 2.5 when I replaced an old machine and that one’s still running fine even though postfix (and dovecot etc) has been updated several times and is currently on version 2.7.2-13.16.1, as well the opensuse itself having gone through at least two version upgrades

The newer debian squeeze using postfix 2.7 tutorial I can’t speak for as I’ve not followed it but I should imagine it’s equally as good info as the two I have used

If you’re gonna try one, do bear in mind they’re written for debian so you won’t be able to follow instructions to the letter but will need to adapt them to opensuse methods/packages, there’s a lot of command and conf editing work so if you’re not comfortable with that kind of stuff probably best to ignore just about everything I’ve said so far and see if someone else suggests something more suited

As with any network service exposed to the outside world there are security risks to running a mail server, so if you are going to set one up do make sure you’re aware of them

As I said in the beginning though, not sure a mailserver is what you need, how do you plan to make a mailserver share kalendar info for example, and I dunno if you know this, or even what use it may be for what you’re trying to do, but akonadi can be made to work with a mysql server I believe. Might be something worth looking into

Not sure how to share in Kontact. Samba doesn’t work. It looks like you have to do it in FTP. Would I have to set up a FTP sever on a local network?

Samba works fine on opensuse but there is one issue with AppArmor that can interfere. Don’t know what you’ve actually done to try getting samba to work or whether you’re at all familiar with samba configuration, if not and you wanna use samba check out this page: openSUSE SuSE Linux HOWTOs and Tutorials by Swerdna

Don’t know if swerdna’s tutorials cover the apparmor issue, but if not and that is indeed your problem, you can delete the apparmor samba profile in Yast > Novell AppArmor > Edit Profile (or just disable AppArmor which is another way people do it)

As for sharing Kontact not something I’ve looked at, I use an nfs /home so pretty much everything is ‘shared’ not just kontact but I would imagine using ftp or samba could work by doing something like symlinking from ‘kontact clients’ to the ‘kontact server’ using ftp and/or samba paths, don’t know how well it would work though if at all

Someone else might be better able to advise you on the actual sharing of kontact stuff issue, might well be some tried and tested method that I’m not aware of

I’ll give the NFS server/client a try. Samba works fine for sharing most files. However, Kontact doesn’t appear to work with Samba.

I’m not at all sure what you expect to do with kontact in samba