Help Remote desktop drop down panel not working.

Hi i hope i have posted in the right place.
I am in the process of moving from Ubuntu to Opensuse and am happy to report that all has gone well apart from one small problem.
I have an old G5 tower that i remote into and the remote desktop application on opensuse works fine other than the panel that is supposed to drop down when you are in full screen mode just does not work.
Any ideas on how to fix this?

                     Thanx in advance.

You have to describe your details…

What remote desktop connection are you using (VNC?)
It may also be helpful to include the version of your remote desktop app… If it’s a GUI app, often it can be found by looking for a menu item Help… > About. Oftentimes, it may be in the package name.
What is your OS and Desktop?
What are you connecting to?