HELP!! Problem with secret maryo chronicles

hi people

i hope that someone could help me with this, or at least give some information about why this is happening to me?? :’(:’(

i had installed secret maryo chronicles from the packman repository, exactly is the package now, when i try to open the game, te screen goes black an then it appears a bar, and the game start to * compiling or caching images, but this takes about ten minutes, and finally, when the game menu appears, is extremely slow :frowning: even the cursor is slow.

this happened to me before when i was an ubuntu user, and one time i had installed the 1.4 package and it works perfectly

so, if someone can give a light about this, i will apreciate it so much… thx!!

Ps: if this could help, my pc is an intel pentium 4 HT, video chipset intel 945G, 1Gb DDR2 Ram, and openSUSE 11.0 with Gnome :)***

Does konsole report any problems when you type smc?

miguel@linux-ixnn:~> smc
Warning : OpenGL Version 1,000000 below optimal version 1.4 and higher
No joysticks available
Couldn’t find music file : /usr/share/smc/music/game/menu.ogg
i don’t understand what it means, but it says something about 1.4, and that version of smc runs smoothly in my pc…

maybe you know how can i downgrade smc to this version?**

What graphics card are you using? It looks as if your card doesn’t support the required version of openGL.