Help printing labels -- how do you do it?

This really has me stumped and I have already spend several hours trying to get it working in LibreOffice.

Can someone please explain to me how you take a list of addresses (contacts) from Google or Thunderbird or Kontact and print them on labels?

It can be any recommended app or workflow, thanks.

I am using gLables label designer. It is in the repositories.

In the past, not real recently, I have used LibreOffice writer.


Worked fine for me, similar to the Avery Label wizzard in MSWord in the bad old days…

I have libreoffice-templates-labels-a4 and libreoffice-templates-labels-letter, both ver 1.0.1-1.1 loaded from the LibreOffice :Stable repo.

Like in MS Office, there’s quite something needed to get this as automated as possible. You need the data (database / csv) to be added as a data source to LO
This page is a good start

Here’s how I do it:
LO - File - New - Labels
Select the data source
Select the table containing the address data
Select the fields you want the content of on the labels, use the to add them to the label.
File - Print, LO will tell you it found database fields in the doc, do you want to print a standard letter, Answer yes
Now you will be presented with options to print, incl. to print to file(s), my bet is you’ll manage from there.

Wow yes this works, I ran through this several times yesterday but was stymied at the last step. You actually have to click print to get LO to proceed with the rest of the process, very odd. :\

It’s the most easy way for one-time jobs. But there’s also the route where you don’t print, but use the Tools - Mail merge option. Use the label designed doc to create the merged doc(s).