help please

Dear All,

I am a new user in Linux and my experience with the PCs is only as an enduser, so that sorry for this question:

Set Environment Variable: What does this mean?
and explain please the use of the commands:

  • export
  • setenv


Generally, you don’t need to use any of those commands for daily use. Anyway, the following will help:
Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial - A Beginner’s handbook

welcome to Linux, openSUSE and these fora…

just as a matter of wondering:

i wonder how you picked this forum for your technical help question?

i ask because so many new users to these forums inadverently pick the
one labeled as:

“How to use the forums? Questions on using forum software and/or
requesting information about the forums”

instead of one of “Get HELP Here” or “** Information for New Users **”

i wonder if you access this forum via the page
or if through some other means…

when your thread is moved to a help forum, i’ll try to answer…


Further to palladiums post above, I stringly ask you to answer why you posted in this forum and not in one of the technical HELP forums. We are trying to make this as clear as possible for every newcomer to our main page and hope to learn from you where we did it wrong.

In the meantiime Iwill move this thread to Programming/Scripting.

This is in the moved thread.
I also advise you to make a more descriptive Title for a thread the next time. “help please” does not say much as most people come here for help.

It is better to make a Title that drwas the attention of people that know something about your subject, you should advertise your problem, not hide it. In his case something like “Questions about environment variables” sounds nice to me.

Please do not be shyed away after so many remarks about your post. People are helpfull here and you are welcome. but we want to make it as easy as possible for you and us :slight_smile:

ok, you asked about, Set Environment Variable, export and setenv

none of those are openSUSE specific questions…instead they are VERY
basic and generic Linux questions…

i would therefore recommend you begin on page one of this very fine
booK (available completely online, for free): Rute User’s Tutorial
and Exposition at

i recommend that because if you begin on page one and read to learn
and understand you will see the book builds from very basic as your
read from front to back…

as you read and study you may want more and more specific openSUSE
information as well as various other generic information…as you do
you might benefit from an earlier posting of mine, here