Help Please WUSB600N

OK, I’ve just installed OpenSUSE 11.0 without an internet connection from CD.

I read the sticky at the top of this forum and hit a problem immediately…

There is no “/usr/bin/lsusb” command!

There IS an lspci command. I have attempted to locate “lsusb” throughout the hard disk (as root) to no avail.

All software on the CD repository is installed, so there’s nothing else avaialble there.

I don’t have a wired connection otherwise, so I cannot retrieve any more packages.

Since I cannot post the output of lsusb, what do I do next?

Ok, I still can’t find lsusb, but I was able to get a driver sort of working in ndiswrapper.

I have to connect via WPA-PSK and it sometimes just drops the connection.

More issues.

It seems that OpenSUSE doesn’t REMEMBER that the wireless adapter is installed. I have to go to network setting everytime I start the computer.

It will work for a while then it will drop it. After it drops, it can only be restarted by rebooting.

One of my major pet peeves,is, livecd installs. The cd does not contain all the software a dvd has,therefore when people try to get something working & it requires an internet connection, it almost always fails. If you can, i would suggest downloading the dvd & burning it to disc,then, adding the dvd to your repositories so that you may be able to get the software you want.

Ok, I still can’t find lsusb, but I was able to get a driver sort of working in ndiswrapper.

I have to connect via WPA-PSK and it sometimes just drops the connection.
once ndiswrapper has the driver, did you set the device up via YaST ? Also, do you use network manager or traditional method ?


SuSE is doing that because you’re circumventing its way of doing it. You’ve set up your own command-line way of bringing the network up, which may be the default way in certain distros, such as Debian, but in SuSE, things are much more automatized and done on a much higher abstraction layer. That’s an extremely common mistake encountered daily on these forums.
To cut the cr… long story short: you go to YaST/Network Devices/Network Settings and set up (“Add”) a new wireless connection there, filling in all the necessary bits and pieces (WPA/WEP key, ESSID name etc.), being especially careful to enter the correct driver name (ndiswrapper in your case) and to select the network to be brought up automatically via Network Manager. After doing a rcnetwork restart (or possibly after rebooting), it should work automagically and there should be a green network icon in your “notification area”.
Good luck;)

Thank you so much for your response. I do come to OpenSUSE from an Ubuntu/Debian background, so when I didn’t find a utility in YaST that was labeled “Windows Wireless Drivers”, I did install the driver from the command line using ‘ndiswrapper -i’.

However, to activate the connection, I do have to go through “network settings” in YaST on each boot.

Perhaps I should uninstall the driver using ‘ndiswrapper -r’, then use YaST to reinstall it?

In any event, more googling indicates that the WUSB600N doesn’t like to play with ndiswrapper. It is not listed as a compatible wireless adapter but it is the one I have and I can’t afford to replace it at this time.

Again, thanks for your help.

Thank you for your response. It is very perceptive of you to pick up that I’m coming from an Ubuntu/Debian background. As a I replied to deltaflyer, it looks like I need to uninstall the drivers from the commend line and reinstall them in YaST.


No need to uninstall,if ndiswrapper is the way you wish to go. Once you have the driver installed & you’ve done the modprobe etc, just go to YaST network devices - network settings & configure your card there


you don’t need ndiswrapper… there is a working driver explained in this thread (page 5)

opensuse 11.1 versus Linksys WUSB600n - Page 5 - openSUSE Forums :wink:

I just had another computer installed with opensuse 32bit and the same wusb600n adapter, and tried to do what I had done before, and it does not work. After checking a working computer and comparing it with the new one, the only thing that I can see that its different is the versions of the RPMs installed.

On my working computer I have

ralink-firmware 1.1-13.1
rt2870 wireless lan linux driver

I noticed that there are new versions in the repository, which don’t work (at least not in the same way the other ones did)

is there any way to download the older versions, or a way to get the RPMs from the computers that have them installed?