Help please with web access on new broadband connection

Am following guidance trying to fix a network web connection to a new broadband I am trying which works with windoze but not opensuse or other linux system (antix).
The suggestion is to disable selinux, check resolv.conf and do some nslookups.
Did a bit of a search and tried

sudo netconfig update -f

This seemed to do the trick without messing with selinux but how do I find out the address of my DNS?
Why do I have this problem in the first place?

If that “netconfig” command gets things working, then it should have fixed “resolv.conf”.

After running that command, try

cat /etc/resolv.conf

to see the DNS servers. Or use:

grep nameserver /etc/resolv.conf

for less output (just the DNS server lines).

The DNS servers will be set in your internet router, which if your systems are using dhcp will retrieve this information…

Or you can configure in the router interface, eg google or say openDNS ( and

If your using static ip addresses then you need to add them yourself, depending if your using wicked or NetworkManager.

Finding your DNS by reading resolv.conf only reads what DNS are configured, not necessarily what DNS is being used.

Much better and can help you troubleshoot is to use nslookup

Invoke nslookup


To see what DNS your machine is currently using


To test whether that DNS is faulty, you can set to and query a different DNS, maybe even point to several to see which work and what doesn’t


To quit nslookup and return to a regular command prompt


And, there’s much, much more you can do, but the above clears up confusion in a lot of cases


Hi Tsu,
Many thanks for the help. I have the internet access working but did not find out what is behind my new wan connection and still cannot get antix to work, only opensuse Leap 15.0. Using nslookup I couldn’t see beyond the default server which tells me it is Cannot see my fixed IP although I know what it is and can ping it.

I am going OT now so please forgive questions. Apparently I am not using the VDSL modem router although that is what it says on the box. The box, a TP-Link TD-W9970 is being used, it seems, like a managed switch and wifi device. The incoming cable is plugged into one of the RJ45 Lan ports, not the modem/router port, and I sccess the box using wifi.

The other end of the cable connects to a dish aerial. I understand this does a wifi hop (or two?) and terminates in a high capacity fibre node serving several clients. At present I cannot access the web page for the router as the factory password has been changed to what the supplier notes tell me but this does not get me through. On reflection though there must be a symmetrical VDSL modem router or similar somewhere upstream between me and the fibre. Any suggestions on how I should look past this first device?

You can configure your own DNS servers if your not wanting to use the router one since that one will probably head off to your ISP’s…

I use my own DNS servers here (pihole on RPi3’s) which then point at the openDNS ones…