Help Please with Playlist Creation

I am getting into real difficulties trying to create playlists. My music is stored on NAS and served on lan by minimserver. I have a number of .m3u playlists which were created a while ago from pop recordings which are all mp3 files. The setup works just fine. The playlists sit in my /multimedia/music directory and all the music files are below that directory thus:- /multimedia/music/genre/artist/album/track.mp3. The playlists use directories relative to where they sit so start Genre/etc. for example:-

/home/alastair/mastermedia/Music/Classic Rock/Bob Dylan

I am now trying to create “classical” playlists from my flac files and I have forgotten how I created the existing playlists. I am trying a couple of options new to me; Clementine and VLC. Clementine, I found, creates .xspf files which I do not need and cannot get to work but VLC allows me to save playlists as .m3u.

The playlists created use absolute paths so I strip out the /multimedia/music/ part of the addresses using kate, (previously used regex with sed) but I cannot get the playlists to work and find a good many unwanted automatic substitutions of %20 in the paths where spaces exist in my data files. All my working playlists have spaces in the file and directory names where they exist in the data, so I assume the %20 substitutions are causing my problems. Am I right and how can I stop them from being inserted. Is this some pandering to windoze? This is what I get:-


I shall now attempt remove all the %20 substitutions and try again but it could be a slow process for me to get the regex right!!! Am posting this for help on how to turn off this function meanwhile.

Hi all, just for those who may have similar problems I persevered with clementine and second time around the unwanted %20s were not inserted. I have no idea why it went pear shaped first try but all went well second time. I was then able to save playlist as m3u and open it is Kate to edit the paths.
Job done.