Help please with Firewalld and opening communications fromspecific machine

I have laptop with leap 15.0 KDE desktop and communication through wifi.
The connection is through wlan0 using the default public zone.
What I want to do is to open access from NAS server which is running minimserver and I believe uses upnp protocol. (I shall ask minimserver which ports are used.)
I want to enable the connection from the specific server ip address only. Please could somebody help with the firewalld configuration.

I do not know anything about minimserver, but the word “server” (and the same for NAS server) suggests that it listens on ports for contact from the client programs (on your LEAP 15.0 system). It is not normal for a server (and by definition for a server program) that it takes the initiative to open a connecetion. It is the client program that tries to connect to a server program on another (or the same) system.

If you trust all machines in your LAN implicitly, you can configure your firewall zone with home, internal or trusted which will likely open up the necessary ports. But, when you leave home you should re-configure back to using the public zone.

One way to do this with firewalld is to configure your zone change without making the changes permanent (which is default). On next reboot your changes are discarded automatically.




In the public zone > Ports, add the ports the services are listening on. Apply. If that works, from the menu pick Runtime to Permanent.

When you make the open ports permanent, understand the ramifications if this is a portable machine (eg laptop), those ports can be probed if you connect to a public network.