Help please! Windows booting problem


I need some help.

First I have to say that my English is not perfect, and I am an absoulute beginner in Linux.

I’ve installed OpenSUSE on my Windows XP Pro PC.
I noticed that SUSE doesnt find my right Windows Partition.
My Windows Partition sda1 (C:) is just mounted normally, and my other partition sda9 (H:) is registered as Windows.

This causes the problem that SUSE does not load my Windows, I cant choose between Windows ans SUSE.

Can someone show me how to tell SUSE that it should load sda1 as Windows and not sda9.

Thank you!

Most likely it’s just a simple matter of editing your /boot/grub/menu.lst file to make it point to the right partition for booting windows. Run the following commands from a console as su (root) and post the results here;

cat /boot/grub/menu.lst
fdisk -l

Note - in the above command fdisk -l, the l is a lower case L.